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Programa para transportadoras e transportes urgentes

Programa para gestão de serviços de estafetas e transportes urgentes.

aTrans - Software para Transportes Rodoviários

Sistema de gestão de frotas, sistema de gestão de combustivel, controlo e gastos de frota

O Quickbox é um software que permite gerir os gastos da sua frota tais como manutenções, abastecimentos, portagens, despesas

Emitir guias transporte, software criar envios, software transportadoras, gestao transportes logistica, software gerir cargas

Trabalhamos com as maiores agencias nacionais GLS, Envialia e Tipsa

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Software para estafetas, software gestão estafetagem

Programa para gestão de serviços de estafetas e transportes urgentes.

O nosso programa permite gerir transportes internacionais.

EGEST Gestão de Envios

CTM Softingal

Cargo Castle transportadoras utiltrans

Plataforma de Gestão Online para Estafetas e Transportadoras


O software nº 1 Nacional para gestão de envios com integração total área de cliente.

PTEnvios - Gestão de Envios (Low Cost)

Logidados - Software Transportes


CTM Cloud Transportation Management

EGEST - A melhor opção para gerir os seus envios

GO-Nav | FMS & TMS Software

aTrans - Logistic Software System

Gestão de Envios Low Cost

Programa transportes grátis

Software transportes gratuito

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Aplicação telemóvel Enviália, CTT Expresso, TNT, DPD, MRW

ABMN Transportes

FMS & TMS Software, Transport Management Software Solution, Fleet Management Software Solution

Transportes Expresso

INOSAT localização gps frota e viaturas

Terms of Use
Get to know in detail the Terms of Service
Previous Considerations

1) These terms of service regulate the relationship established between Safeway Iberica, Lda. with with the single registration and tax identification number 506218651, registered in the Registry Office of de Pessoas Coletivas de Sintra, with its head office at Limites de Vale Flores, Pavilhão G, 2710-632, Sintra hereinafter referred to as Safeway Lda and the customer, duly identified with our company hereinafter referred to as the Client, in the scope of the use of the personalized portal for transport management Cargo Castle, marketed by Safeway Lda. The terms of service set forth herein are deemed to be widely disseminated, and always up to date, via the Cargo Castle website, which can be can be accessed at

2) By using the Cargo Castle web service through its website ( ), the customer declares to be accountable and of legal age. In case you are a transport company company or institution, you represent that company or institution legally in the execution of this contract. In both cases the use of the Cargo Castle web service on the online platform ( represents the tacit acceptance of these terms of service. The subscription subscription data must be complete and true, and it is the user's responsibility to update them whenever any change occurs that modifies them. The supply of information that is may result in the immediate closure of the subscribed account without any compensation for loss of data. compensation for the loss of data or return of the amounts paid and without any prior notice to the user.

3) The client hereby undertakes not to use the functionalities of the Cargo Castle program via its online platform to engage in any illicit activity, failing which, if detected by Safeway Iberica, Lda. Safeway Iberica, Lda. will proceed to the complete deletion of the user account of the Cargo Castle web service without any kind of notice to the client, without the client being entitled to any type of compensation and to report to the authorities all elements necessary for the investigation of possible criminal of any criminal matter. The client undertakes to know the legal conditions of operation of all activities for which Cargo Castle will be used as a tool for transport and logistics management tool.

All information obtained from Cargo Castle's user support should be regarded as technical technical suggestions and checked with the user's accounting services or, in the absence of such services directly with the Tax Authority and IMTT services.


4) These Terms of Service set out the general conditions of use of the web portal management and logistics software portal and its access under a SaaS (Software as a Service/software as a service) and cloud (parallel computing system) regime, which, hereinafter a Service/software as a service) and cloud (parallel computing system), which, hereinafter will be referred to as the Service, upon payment corresponding to the terms and conditions contracted available at the time of subscription. The processing of the aforementioned payment symbolizes the moment of conclusion of the contract between the parties. The cloud operating model means that the user must have an Internet connection whenever he or she wants to use the program and during periods of use.

5) The Service includes the use of a management and logistics software in its component of management component, always with the most updated version made available by us. acceptance of the electronic invoice by the final client.

6) Safeway Iberica, Lda. may at any time change the subject conditions of these terms of service and the subsequent use of the service by Customer represents the acceptance acceptance of the changes made in the meantime.

Service Features

7) The Client will choose, at the time of subscription and through pre-formatted sets called plans, the characteristics of the service to be provided, as well as the temporal space that the contracted service will be in effect.

8) The first 60 days of use of the service will be considered a trial period and and will be free of charge. The free period of use ends before the sixty days of trial by communication from the Customer. The trial period will also be used by you to that Cargo Castle is suitable for his particular case, there being no right on the part of the Client to to request specific adaptations of the software. Also included in this first 60 days of use also include the trial period of 14 days provided for in the applicable the conclusion of distance contracts.

9) The contract established by this means is settled a priori, preferably through electronic payment payment by electronic means (ATM or bank transfer) and is not automatically renewed, and its continuity will require the completion of a set of procedures, duly communicated by email to the address provided by the customer at the time of subscription, before the end of the of the validity cycle initially contracted. The contracted values are guaranteed until the end of the contracted subscription cycle, with the renewal value being the one advertised on the site at the end date of the contracted of the contracted subscription cycle. The use of Cargo Castle presupposes continuity, being all the maintenance/guarding time is charged to the client.

10) Safeway, Ltd. may change prices without direct notice to you, and these price price changes are not retroactive, but will apply to subscription and renewal services. Publicity for these changes will be given on the website (

11) To terminate the contract you need only stop using the software in the account you created at (

12) The Service may be suspended whenever there is a need to upgrade or correct the to the service provided. These patches and updates, and the service interruptions that give rise to them are an integral part of the cloud software model and are fully subscribed by the customer. No compensation will be due to the Customer as a result of these service failures, and the Customer further agrees not to Customer further agrees not to hold Safeway Iberica, Lda. contractually or criminally liable for for any damages resulting therefrom.

13) Data placed online is the sole responsibility of the customer, who assumes the risk for any losses arising from communication problems between the installation or the Customer's device and the servers where the Customer accesses (

14) Given the possible failures announced in 13, the customer assumes the risk for failures of service failures that cannot be directly and demonstrably attributable to Safeway Iberica Lda. In addition to this risk, the client also assumes the risk of misuse or loss of access credentials to the service which may result in loss of data and account cancellation.

15) Safeway Iberica, Lda. reserves the intellectual property rights of the interface Cargo Castle interface to those elements that are not loaded by the client into the application, referring specifically, not only but also design elements and other visual elements, texts, code used in programming, etc.. The Customer may only use the aforementioned elements and others with the written authorization of Safeway Iberica, Lda.

16) The client may under no circumstances request specific adaptations for the use of the service, since the commercialization model of the Instant Invoice foresees the availability as a service to a wide range of customers from the most varied sectors of activity. Cargo Castle is available on an "as is" basis, i.e. with the features/conditions made available at the time of subscription.

17) In the event of definitive closure of the service, Safeway Iberica, Lda. shall send such information to the Customer 30 days in advance, by means of notification to the email provided at the time of subscription. The email address provided at the time of subscription shall also be all data in the customer's account at the time of definitive closure of the service will be sent to the email address provided at the time of subscription. service. in XLS/CSV format.

18) You assume all relationship responsibilities with IMTT and the Tax Authorities for your Tax Administration for its productive/commercial activity and for the way it uses Cargo Castle as its fleet and customer management software, including but not limited to: payment of taxes and fees taxes arising from the amounts invoiced, fraudulent invoicing, etc.. Safeway Iberica,Lda. shall never be liable to pay fees for activities carried out by Customer, whether or not related related or not to the use of Cargo Castle.

19) Except for specifically executed resale and affiliation contracts, it is expressly prohibited the onerous or gratuitous cession of the subscribed service to third parties.


20) Safeway Iberica, Lda. Lda guarantees the security and privacy of all data entered correctly into the Instant Invoice. The data entered will be kept in a database in a tamper-proof inviolable environment, subject to the strictest access controls and restrictions. Only the technical Safeway Iberica, Lda. technical staff have access to the servers on which the Cargo Castle software is software is hosted. The connection to Cargo Castle is made via a security certificate with 256-bit encryption 256-bit encryption, which means that your data will always be protected from third parties.

21) The Customer is always guaranteed access to their data for updating or deletion, through the set of credentials that allow the use of the program. are always kept secure and that any loss is immediately reported to Safeway Iberica, Lda. at to cancel and issue new credentials.

22) The data requested at the time of subscription will only be used in the commercial relationship Safeway Iberica, Lda. with the Customer and under no circumstances will such data be provided to third parties. Access to this data is also guaranteed for updating and cancellation upon written request. It is within the scope of this relationship that Safeway Iberica, Lda. may send all customers registered at with commercial information about more of the company's products.

23) According to the plan subscribed to, the Customer's data account can support more than one user. The subscribing customer is responsible for allowing access to the account to users third parties accredited by him/her, whether or not they are part of the subscribing entity.

24) The server where is made available is permanently monitored, to guard against possible catastrophes and other disruptive events. Whenever there is disruptive event that poses problems of continuity, the data from the last backup previously backup previously collected.

The Customer accepts the conditions proposed in point 24 as an integral part of the service and declines to hold Safeway Iberica, Lda. civilly or criminally liable for any loss of data.

25) Whenever the contract is terminated for organic causes, the user is guaranteed a maximum period of 90 days to user is guaranteed a maximum period of 90 days to recover the information placed on the platform, after which the data will be definitively deleted.

Technical Support

26) Technical support for the service will be provided in writing, via email. Support will always be provided free of charge and Safeway Iberica, Lda. reserves the right to to classify the technical support issues, according to the resolution priorities, or what belongs or does not belong to this category of issues. The contacts for the provision of technical support are the email address . are the email The provision of technical assistance will be carried out in the order arrival of requests to each of the assistance channels and conditioned by the number of technicians available, so it will be more limited outside office hours (09.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.).

27) All service stoppages that are motivated by technical issues planned for the proper operation of the service, or for its improvement, will be communicated to the customer whenever possible. The contents made available in the spaces following a maintenance will always be the same as those that existed before the service stop, except for security breach or hardware failure, which will always be minimized to the minimum time interval according to the Terms of Service.

28) The customer undertakes to have sufficient knowledge to make requests for technical assistance assistance, receive and interpret the corresponding answers through the means indicated for the provision technical assistance to the Service, and under no circumstances may the customer request the intervention of a technician for the assistance requested.

29) Safeway Iberica, Lda. is committed to ensuring that no assistance is left unanswered according to the availability of our technical department. It is a condition for the provision of that the client is not in debt or in arrears with any payment.

30) Safeway Iberica, Lda. reserves the right to cancel the service provision whenever one or more of the following actions are verified:
a) Attempts to access other people's data;
b) Unannounced and unauthorized research into possible vulnerabilities in Castle software and the hardware that hosts it;
c) Intentional interference with the proper service of the Service's hardware and software Cargo Castle.

31) You are responsible for ensuring and safeguarding the proper use of third party data. Whenever Safeway Iberica, Lda. receives information about the misuse of third-party data data by a customer, it automatically acquires the right to suspend the user account until the veracity of the data received is ascertained. If the misuse is verified, Safeway Iberica, Lda. acquires the right to terminate the customer's account, without any refund of the amounts paid and without the customer amounts paid and without any right to compensation for the loss of data and information.

32) It is also forbidden to place any script that needs to take root of the servers or that may interfere with the operation of the servers. It is also prohibited to promote cracking, hacking or phishing.

33) For clarification of any questions about these terms of service, please placed to

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